Connor MacIVOR

#goSCV concept logos and real estate branding


We were in the process of building several logos to complement our new goSCV concept. We reached out to those designers and to people that have a graphical and visual background. 

After weeding through the many "raunchy" photos, we had a designer come up with the simplistic goSCV concepts that are on this page. Neal Canoy with the Augusta Financial Team under Mike Meena was responsible for their development.

Dare I say he was quick and scored a 10.

Not all of the logos have been returned - we will post credit here with any entries we obtain.

Send your goSCV Logo Concept to and I'll get it posted.

Please, no nude images with the goSCV logo, while they were entertaining, they would be hard to sell - no pun intended - be safe - Connor... 


With the .com's and without the .com's - you will also notice a faint line showing a white border to the black characters and the red as well. The same white border exists on the blue goscv logo also! 


Crowd concept with the goSCV logo Cheering Section... 


Here is the blue goSCV logo - white border noted - this one looks great on a darker grey background and is what we have posted on our goscv mobile rendering website. 



This was something that I added the top logo to on a Fotolia Image I purchased. When running the #goSCV I found it to be largely Cheerleader related. goSCV Cheer in Santa Clarita Valley.

Why not run with it. However - As you may have figured out by now, "goSCV is not a Cheerleader Website..." 

This is going to be part of a hard mailing campaign and make up some handouts we will be giving at the Santa Clarita - Valencia Jazz Festival. 


With this rendition - you are able to see the white border that was placed around the letters by Neal Canoy.


I'm having business cards built as the one above - super simple. I'm Considering plastic - I will have to build the back of the #goscv business cards with all of the "necessary" legaleze. 


Business people surrounding a real estate sign.