Connor MacIVOR

goSCV and our Home Sold Guarantee

We at goSCV, REMAX of Santa Clarita, we have built our performance and team on a Home Sold Guarantee.

I'll tell you it is not one of those advertising, marketing or online games where agents say they are going to either sell your home or buy it if they cannot (1).

It's also not one of those programs that says they will either sell your home or they will give you $5,000.00. (2)

Time Frames as to selling real estate and Selling Homes Guaranteed - An Example of this one is "I'll sell your home in ___ days or I'll give you money or buy it" - either, buying it or giving you money, applies to this real estate marketing strategy (3)

It also has nothing to do with any other "avenue" of escape that most "high pressure" sales people use when approaching high ticket items like real estate and selling homes.

I'll cover some of the more famous "Home Sold Sale Systems" at the bottom of our Home Sold Guaranteed by the goSCV Team and Paris911! 

Here is our guarantee:

1. I promise to be accountable - When you call I will return it if I'm unable to pick it up immediately. My return call will be when my next available moment is, NOT during pre-set hours, I call back after business hours, I call back on holidays, I call back on weekends, I call back while out of town - The fact is I will get back to you asap - this applies to Texts - Phone Calls - Voice Mail Messages - Emails and other modern forms of communication. If you don't hear back from me in a reasonable amount of time - your communique did not come through!

2. Unless agreed to by all parties and by contact - I will solely represent the real estate seller(s) during the real estate transaction. I will be by my sellers side 100% and never forfeit the advantage that gives my goSCV Real Estate Sellers. 

3. I will only list other properties, that would be in direct competition with my sellers residence, by permission of the current seller(s) that I am working for.

4. Worth mentioning and after you meet me you will understand these are not mere words to me - they are lifestyle choices that I have made with my history being with the LAPD - protecting and serving, and how I want to leave my Real Estate Representation legacy: "I guarantee to treat my seller with a Fiduciary Duty of Utmost Care - Integrity - Honesty - and Loyalty in all Dealings with my Home Seller."

5. I Guarantee to always be on the cutting edge of real estate training and always exercise Diligent and Reasonable skill and care in the performance of my duties in Representing you and Selling your Home, condo or town-home.

6. I will always treat my sellers with a duty of honesty, fair dealing and always in good faith!

7. I will always disclose all facts known to me materially affecting the value or desirability of my seller's property that are not known to, or within my diligent attention and observation of, all parties involved.

8. I promise never to reveal confidential information entrusted to me by the home seller that does not interfere with any of my affirmative duties as stated above. For example - if you tell me your bottom line and we decide a better strategy would be to put your real estate on the market at a higher amount, I will never reveal to the "other side"(agent or broker representing the buyer - or to the buyer themselves), your bottom line or any circumstances of your moving etc, without prior permission from you!

9. Our sellers contact point is always clearly established. If you interviewed and hired me to sell your home, condo or townhome, then I am going to be your point of contact and the one who is accountable for the proper advertising, marketing and sales of your home.

10. I will never use high pressure sales techniques to "force" you into a position of agreeing with anything that has to do with our dealings together.

11. I have an open door cancellation policy when it comes to dealing with every single seller and home we list for sale. If you are not in contract with a buyer, and you want to cancel our contract together, I will without any compensation due to me in form of advertising, marketing and "time spent" on selling your real estate listing. All I ask is if you ever want to sell the residence in the future, you give me the first shot as doing so!

12.  Open Houses - I do open houses at our sellers request. While the statistics don't show them as being an effective way of advertising, they do work from time to time and give the home extra exposure that the publication and online channels cannot. They are a great tool that is utilized by our goSCV Team at REMAX and are completed as long as we are able to perform them without risk to our home sellers!

That's it - There is nothing vague and ambiguous on this page. Just a straight forward 12 step goSCV Home Sold Gurarantee! When you are ready to get what your home is currently worth, taking the first step toward me listing your home for sale and getting it sold for top dollar - Call Me or inquire here: What is my Home Worth? 

(1) - Sell your home or buy it guarantee
this one has been around since 1993, or there abouts. Real Estate agents started originally using this "guarantee" home sold system in their mailing and newspaper campaigns. Shortly thereafter, they started developing "secret, not to be shared" contracts that would have to be signed in order for a home seller to take advantage of their Sold program guarantee. The guarantee stated that if they could not sell the sellers home, they would buy it - but then there was an * - the good old asterisk (*) - it then was again seen on the "secret contract" and contained what the "sellers responsibilities" were in accordance with the sell my home guarantee. 

The guaranteed home sold sales system included items like mandatory price reduction time frames and guidelines. For example reducing the listing price 10% for the first 7 day period then increasing that to a 11% reduction following the next 7 day cycle - and so on. Finally - the home was so low, under market value, if it did not sell to another - the agent was in a position to purchase it and flip it.

Of course, this type of "small print" was at the detriment of the Home Seller that bought into the Home Sale Guaranteed Program!

(2) - The "money back" routine
is handled a couple of ways. It was either capped via the (**) - or a single (*) depending on how much small print the agent was attempting to hide from the seller. The small print denoted by the famous asterisk included statements about being below Fair Market Value (FMV) as agreed to and by the Real Estate agent and the Home Seller.

The other items included in this verbiage were typically extra advertising expenses for the real estate seller. Including very expensive promotion, some included Television spots, that the seller was responsible for paying if they wanted to participate in this variation of the Home Sold Program. Refunding of part of the real estate agents commission was also on the table, but compensation for that came around by the additional "small print" and advantage charged to the Home Seller in form of price reductions and the additional advertising that benefitted the real estate agent.

(3) - The Money Back, Buy it and Specific Time Frame Guarantee
As you may imagine - this program throws another variable into the mix for advertising and marketing purposes. This tactic is especially attractive in the down times of the real estate markets where it's taking longer time frames to sell residential real estate. The mandatory price reductions and "seller paid" advertising models continue to be included with this specific "Home Sold Guaranteed" program.

(*) the bottom line
When it comes to the Guaranteed Home Sold type Programs is the fact that most people don't like games when it comes to hiring a service professional.

I want the agent I hire to look me in the eye, shake my hand, and perform on the items he told me he would.

I want them to be accountable and I want them to give me the green light to fire them if they don't do what they would say they would do in the promotion, marketing and selling of my residential real estate.