Connor MacIVOR

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Real Estate searching can be tedious. Because of that, many of our clients report that they are seeing listings that are showing up as "for sale", but which really aren't.

This is a "game" that is played by some of the Lead Generation and Real Estate Syndication companies.

They monetize themselves by selling your personal and private information to real estate agents.

Some do this by publicizing real estate listings that have been sold or ones in which someone has said they are "coming soon" onto the local real estate market for sale.

For our real estate clients, this is not acceptable.

We only publicize the actual Multiple Listing Service real estate listings for sale.

It is the one sure location that houses all of the "reputable" real estate listings that are currently on the market.

One of the things our clients do, when they find one of these questionable real estate listings, is reach out to me directly. I am able to get to the bottom of it quickly and resolve any potential issues.

Some of the "games" I encounter online result in the following explanations: 

I explain that the home has been sold recently and the website may not be updated as often as our #goSCV system for searching for homes and realty.

In some cases, those real estate listings are not for sale at all. They had sold years and years ago, but are only being used as a "hook" or for "lead generation" for real estate agents or other "housing vendor" type companies.

Be safe - search well and take it from a page from our goSCV clients book - Contact me when you find anything and I'll recon it for you personally!

I'm Connor with Paris MacIvor and REMAX of Santa Clarita California. I'm Glad to be of Service to you!