Connor MacIVOR

Santa Clarita - Valencia real estate news radio updated - Greater Los Angeles and Southern California Housing News!

We have a daily real estate radio broadcast that can be listened to here. You will be able to see what our Santa Clarita - Valencia - and Greater Los Angeles real estate team is all about by our daily real estate updates that give our clients the edge when it comes to real estate. Answering questions like - "How is the market?" - "How to get the best deal on a Foreclosure?" - "Is it the time to buy or sell now?" - "How to not get taken advantage of by a Real Estate Lender?" - "The Best Housing Deals can be found where online?" and more!

During our tenure in Real Estate - as Full timers, 1998, we have seen many agents come and go. We have also seen the online search systems morph and change - some getting better and some going away because of violations against those using them to search (i.e. spamming!).

We never want our clients to every feel strange when it comes to real estate search. We want our real estate clients, no matter where they may need our services, to feel comfortable with their choice and know a better resource and team does not exist.

Primarily, as it has been stated by our clients, because we are there for our clients - before, during and after the transaction. If we see something awry - we point it out immediately, even if that means our commission hangs in the balance and will not be fulfilled.

As we always tell our clients during our Crash course on real estate for Santa Clarita - Valencia, we maintain a strict policy of disclosure and to ensure our clients refer us to everyone they know.

We make sure they do this by the way in which we take care of their needs. I came from the LAPD, I get the "protecting and serving" thing when it comes to protecting those who don't know from those who do!

This is our Santa Clarita News and Real estate radio show. You will be able to listen to our 7 day a week format - including episodes like the following about real estate in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Cities and Greater Los Angeles Areas:

  • Foreclosure update and the most recent "GREAT DEALS" to be had! (REO and Foreclosure Hump Day Wednesday Show)
  • How is the market and when is the right time to buy or sell a home? (Finale Friday Broadcast)
  • What is happening online and where can you find those BEST Home Search Resources and intel sites for Housing and Lending. (Travel Tuesdays Broadcast)
  • How to get your best Deal on your Mortgage - whether wanting to buy your first home, second or wanting to refinance! (Truth in Lending Show) - BTW - we are not Lender and do not Loan money - but we want you to be safe when getting a loan and know how it works!
  • How much are homes and real estate selling for - are their prices up or down as it relates to past sales - what is going to happen in the future? (Sold Saturdays Broadcast)
  • What is our recap for the past 7 days in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Cities. What are the new trends as it relates to local real estate and how is the best way to take advantage of them? (Market Mondays Real Estate Broadcast)
  • How not to get taken when you are going to view properties that are being advertised in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities which are Open Houses. Are they really being held open and what games are being played. (Open House Sundays Broadcast - Santa Clarita - Valencia News)
That is our 7 day a week format. Most days, I'm right on the money - our broadcast gets completed without a hitch. All of the time "direct" clients come first as do their needs. Therefore - I may tarry in the build out of the daily Santa Clarita - Valencia News and Real Estate Radio show. But I do get it done.

Listen to past broadcasts of our Daily Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia, plus Greater Los Angeles Radio show - scroll down on the list on the player! I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm proud to be of service to you - Please tell a friend(s)...