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Santa Clarita Valley Rentals and Leases - everything that happens to be active in the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS, is on this page.

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I have categorized it from newest to oldest and have some intel to share with you concerning property management companies and agents who conduct a "property management" business.

First - there are a few different entities that handle rentals and leases.

First - Private Parties - These are, hopefully, the actual owners of homes and residential real estate who want to do the property management themselves and are publicizing their homes and real estate for rent/lease online. They may be using online platforms like Craigslist - Backpage - and other's. They are also able to go into Zillow and Trulia, not being realtors, and publish their home for rent or lease.

The Problem - You don't know who you are dealing with. There are also a lot of scammers within these online channels - so be careful. Find out who this person is - ask for some sort of I.D. and also ask them to give you some type of verification they are who they say they are. Maybe a mortgage statement and a copy of their driver's license? BTW, If you want me to pull title on any residence - just send me the address and I'll be happy to oblige. At least in that way, you can see who the owner really is and ask the "advertiser" who they are to see if there is a match... 

Second - Property Management Companies - These are companies who do no re-sale of homes. They don't represent home buyers. They only Manage Homes and Residential Real Estate for homeowners who want to have their properties rented out. They also work with people who want to rent - albeit - not very well, at least what I obtained from most of the 'online reviews'...  They are licensed Real Estate Agents as well, so their identities are known, or should be!

Third - Real Estate Brokers / Property Management - These are real estate agents and brokers who represent buyers and sellers of homes. They also represent homeowners who want to lease out their homes. They, sometimes, work with those wanting to rent and lease - but not very often because they are not "worth as much" as a homeowner who may want to sell a home one day (sad but true). I'd say that these types are who you want to be weary about, not all but some, some will have a homeowner sign a document that states in the event they ever want to sell the "leased and rented home" they have to use this agent/brokerage. In some cases, the homeowner has no ideas they "signed" such a document until it's too late!

Fourth - Then you have goSCV and Connor MacIvor - I don't do any property managment. I don't represent those who want to rent or lease. I am just a guide. I don't want anyone to get screwed when wanting to lease out or rent a home, condo or townhome. I do it for good Karma! Your positive vibes and thoughts are enough payment for me. Plus - you not forgetting me when you are wanting to sell/buy real estate, that works too!

On this page you will see rentals and leases that are in the Multiple Listing Service currently. The newest additions are first - followed by those rentals and lease in the SCV Cities that have been on the current rental/lease market longer.

Click on any - you will see that you will get all of the information pertaining to the specific rental or lease. Let me know and I'll provide to you the name of the "leasing agent" with their phone number. You then can call them and see what you can work out.

If you are a property owner - I have resources for you too. I have the companies that I use to handle my investments and I will be happy to refer you to them. 

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