Connor MacIVOR

REMAX of Valencia - Santa Clarita and goSCV real estate agents

We wanted to work with the Top real estate listing agents. We strived to be at the Top since 1998, when we first were licensed as Realtors.

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That seems like a long time ago, I was a Full time LAPD motor cop back then. Paris was a Full Time Student/Property Manager.

RE/MAX was not where we started. Back then, in order to work under the RE/MAX Brokerage, you must prove yourself at another brokerage/real estate company.

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RE/MAX was not in the "habit" of taking new real estate agents. They are only wanting the BEST of the BEST to join their forces.

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So, we did a bit of moving around. Gold Star Realty, Coldwell Banker, Realty Executives, and then onto RE/MAX.

The "moving around" only took about 12 months total. We were able to move to the Top in Real Estate production within our peer circles and amongst the other real estate agents in the Valencia - Santa Clarita Valley Cities in that time.

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Paris then went back to RE/MAX and we joined. There is a reason they sell more real estate than any other real estate company.

Some of the attraction from our Valencia Home Buyers and Valencia - Santa Clarita Valley home sellers comes about by the way we have goSCV Real Estate Guarantees for each of our Buyers and Sellers.

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It's was kind of like wanting to join the LAPD. They said we should be honored to have been accepted and to be starting the police academy. For they said we were the true 1%. For every 100 people that apply to the LAPD only 1 makes the cut. And they have literally hundreds of thousands of applicants.

I was excited and elated to find that out.

RE/MAX - that's us and unless a "better and more secure" brokerage comes along, we are going to continue to be with them, stuck to them deeper than an Alabama Tick!