Connor MacIVOR

Lowest Priced Santa Clarita real estate and homes


We have chosen to put the real estate listings that are active and within the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV)cities on this page from the least expensive (cheapest) to the most expensive.

We are only populating this page with the Santa Clarita real estate listings and homes for sale starting at the least expensive ones.

Each of the listings on this page are either Active real estate - currently active with no offers having being signed off and executed.

In addition, we are also populating this page with those real estate listings where the owner wants additional viewings and offers so they are able to prepare if the current offer, which they are in escrow with, cancels and or falls out of escrow.

Here is something that you may already know. I'm Connor with HONOR and I chose to work with the RE/MAX Brokerage. I feel as if my choice best protects my real estate clients from harm and shields them from "games and pressure".

The first thing you need to be asking yourself is if you are making the "right decision" when it comes to buying or selling real estate. Then follow that up with calling me so I can help you on your journey. 

These are the cheapest and least expensive homes and real estate currently for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley(SCV).

I published the top 100 - starting at the least expensive to the most, at least for 100 Santa Clarita Valley residential real estate listings.