Connor MacIVOR

 Home inspectors Santa Clarita - Valencia and Greater LA

Home inspectors are not a dime a dozen as you may expect.

We like those that are "Anal Retentive". In the case of someone working as your home inspector - that is not a fault - it will be to your advantage when buying a Valencia-Santa Clarita or Greater Los Angeles Area home!

The reason is this. When you are buying something that costs hundreds of thousand of dollars and takes at least 30 years to pay off, you want to make sure you know what you are getting into.

You can look at a home and see that the roof looks good, you can see the paint is in okay shape and that the home is not missing the kitchen sink.

But what about the attic?  What about the inner walls and spaces therein? How about the foundation and the structural issues that may exist? 

There have been may times that our Home Inspectors have caught issues that caused the buyers not to want to proceed with the purchase of the home, condo or townhome.

That is a Blessing and Not a Curse!  In fact, those buyers, that have not chosen to have a home inspection completed, are less happy after the purchase than those who did.

Disclosure is really important in real estate. We always request the sellers to fill out documents called "Disclosures" so the buyer can view them in their entirety - prior to the home inspection if possible!

The "Disclosures" are not warranties or guarantees - they are supposed to be the "seller's best knowledge" as to the specific condition of their home and the changes and occurrences that have happened since they have owned it.

There are many times where we have looked at the disclosures, then had the home inspection, where the seller either forgot :) - or did not mention a particular issue on purpose!

Sometimes those "failure to mention" issues are Big Money and Safety Items!!!

Hire a good home inspector before you close on the home, condo or townhome you are buying in the Valencia-Santa Clarita Valley - Or Greater Los Angeles Areas!

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX and the Paris911 - goSCV Realtor Team. Here are some of the home inspectors we have worked with in the past and continue to work with today.

Reach out to them, ask them what they are about and see who is the best fit for you. Check on their certifications, references, guarantee and timeliness of the report preparation. Also ask about cost - but don't let "cost" be your deciding factor - Value is much more important!

So Cal Property Pros - Eddie Gundry 661-513-1000

Kiwi Home Inspectors - www.santa-clarita-home-inspector 661-435-9383 

Assure Home Inspection - 661-250-1135

Carl Reese Home Inspection - 661-877-1499

Classic Home Inspection - 661-251-3802

JPI Home Inspection - Jeff Pope - 661-212-0738

Mazza Inspections - 818-332-8711

One Day Home Inspections - 323-401-6004

Give them a call - There are in no specific order - or maybe they are :)

- We need to be available for the home inspection. I also want you to be there as well when the home inspector is inspecting.

- We may need to schedule this with the seller and the seller's agent also. Call, see who you like, and then let me know. I'll take care of the scheduling.

- Also, if you find someone else, or have a family member, relative or have been referred to a home inspector that is not on our list - and you want to use them - by all means - do it!  

- You will never ruffle our feathers doing what you want as long as it does not place you in harm's way. If I think it will cause you damage - I will let you know 100% of the time! - That is my promise! 

- I'll find out when you are open, when the home inspector is available, match up my schedule, and when the seller will allow us to complete the home inspection at the home, condo or town-home you are buying!

After they complete the home inspection, we will get a written report with photos of the 'issues' they have found. That will be what we use to request for repairs etc. from the seller.

- Remember - Real Estate is sold "as is". Ultimately the seller could say "no - I'm not fixing or giving any credit to the buyer for anything - even the safety and health issues the inspector discovered..."

Short Sales and other types of Distressed real estate. In these cases, it is typically the issue that the "seller" does not have the funds to pay for any repairs or to give any credit to the buyer. You should know this when approaching a distressed sale - Foreclosures, Bank Owned, Real Estate Owned, REO, Short Sales, Short Pays and Pre Foreclosures...   

That hard line stance does not happen often between a real estate seller and a real estate buyer. If it does, we have our ways to "break their attitude" loose, and it works most of the time :)

Reach out to me when you are ready so I can take great care of your real estate needs.

I'm Connor MacIvor with goSCV and the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita and Valencia California!