Connor MacIVOR

Getting your home ready to Sell for Top Dollar
(#goSCV seller's video series below...)

What are the best ways we have found to sell any type of residential real estate for top dollar in any real estate market?  
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We have laid them out below with our "Fit to Sell" real estate series for our Home, Condo and Town-home sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia and Greater Los Angeles Cities and Areas.

Some of the items that are very important so we are able to get you the most money for your home are addressed in the video series below.

You will be able to view top Real Estate Seller topics such as:

  • Pre Packing
  • Why a home does not sell
  • Turning a family home into a Model Home
  • Depersonalize Your home to Sell
  • Main Selling Rooms - Focal Points
  • Preparing your home for sale
  • Winter Curb Appeal
  • Simple Facts to Help Sell your Home
  • Furniture Placement
  • Flooring
  • Air Quality - odors and smells
  • The Top 5 Issues in Preparing your home for sale
  • Deal Makers for Home buyers
  • Preparing your home for the right or a specific buyer
  • Home Inspection
  • Features of your home that attract buyers

When it comes to selling real estate in Valencia - Santa Clarita Valley - or even as far as Lake Elsinore - You have found someone that will do the drive to protect and serve your real estate Needs #goSCV !

We have been working as Realtors since 1998. During that time until now, we have seen some people in our industry that do not pack the gear to serve clients that are wanting to sell homes, condos or townhomes.

How do you find the "Best of the Best?" Not because of some agent saying they are. Look at what resources they are providing for the Real Estate Sellers that are wanting to get their home, condo or townhome sold for the best price possible.

We provide resources such as these for our real estate clients because I know this is valuable information. This not a pitch - these are the FACTS AS THEY PERTAIN TO SELLING REAL ESTATE FOR TOP DOLLAR!

I'm Connor with HONOR at goSCV and I'm proud to serve our Real Estate Sellers and Buyers to the best of my ability. 

When you are ready - my phone number and email are at the top of this page. Call me and I will start with helping you with a Getting your home sold gameplan.

We will then take it at the pace you desire and get it done for you in the best possible way!

Remember - at goSCV we have a home seller guarantee