Connor MacIVOR

FLASH and the relationship of the New Home Search

FLASH is a language, for all intensive purposes, a computer language.

It helps with things you may know as online games, various online players for videos and audio too.

FLASH - Adobe Flash, also has application within our Spatial Match Lifestyle Search engine by Home Junction.

BTW - if you have not had the pleasure of looking at our lifestyle search - I have embedded it below.

If you cannot see the real estate search map below, then the device or computer does not have flash installed, has flash installed but you lack the permissions to use it, or Flash hasn't been updated and the old version is expired.

Search the MLS with a Device that doesn't use FLASH! 

Most laptops, desktops and tablets(non mac) have FLASH installed or contain the capability to have it installed and ability to have it run.

iPhone - iPad users, you are out of luck. In fact, if you have ever wanted to understand more about the Apple and Flash issue - read this!