Connor MacIVOR

Creekside Community in Valencia and Neighborhood Homes

Valencia Calfornia is located within the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV). There is a wonderful community herein that is known as the Creekside of Valencia neighborhood.

One of the main features is the school district where the Creekside Community happens to be a part of.

In addition, the paseo's are intertwined throughout the Valencia Creekside community.

There are many times a week that I will be walking, traversing Valencia on the Paseo system.

On this page you will find all of the homes and real estate for sale that are in two varying statuses.

Active Creekside in Valencia Listings - properties fitting this category are currently active and for sale. They do not have any offers that have been "signed off on" by their respective sellers. Each is available for viewing with our team in correspondence with their specific viewing instructions.

BackUp Creekside Listings in Valencia - homes that are in the 'backup' position are those where the sellers want additional viewings even though they are currently under contract with a real estate buyer(s). These sellers in Valencia's Creekside community also would like additional offers written on their homes, condos and town homes to be placed into the backup position, just in case the "accepted offer" fails to perform and falls out of escrow.

We are ready to serve you in the Valencia Creekside Area of Valencia. We have the latest real estate listings that are for sale and they are posted immediately on this page!

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