Connor MacIVOR

Bridgeport in Valencia of Santa Clarita Valley

The Bridgeport area is located within the City of Valencia - which is inside of the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Current Listings in Bridgeport are below. This is the True Bridgeport Multiple Listing Service and each of these listings is either Active and for sale within Bridgeport of Valencia or still accepting offers to be placed into the Backup Position.

The Backup position, regarding any of these homes, has to do with the seller not being "super comfortable" with the offer they had accepted on their home.

They then want the home to continue to be advertised and shown. The strategy is also to have additional offers written on the home so they can be activated, should the "accepted" offer fail to perform or cancel escrow.

Enjoy our goSCV system and we are happy to be of service. I'm Connor MacIvor - aka Connor with HONOR, at REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley(SCV).